Marble Slab Creamery

Project Description

Marble Slab Creamery Canada is a purveyor of super premium ice cream with over 75 tasty locations across Canada.

Initially, Glow Marketing was brought in to conduct a marketing audit to determine what was working and define the next steps. Glow created an annual marketing plan, and was then hired on a contract basis in the role of Marketing Director, to provide leadership in the marketing department, oversee the implementation of the plan and then create a new plan for the following year. We were involved in countless projects, from in-store marketing, social media to creating contests and advertising.

In addition to marketing strategy and implementation, Glow was very involved in franchise development, store communications, coaching the stores on local initiatives, and helping to secure a PR partner for important launches and projects. As Marble Slab grew, Glow was able to help recruit and train a senior in-house marketing person to take over strategic planning for the client. We may have outgrown each other, but we’ll always have a sweet spot for Marble Slab and their ultra yummy ice cream.

Project Details

Client: Marble Slab Creameries

Services: Branding, Creative & Production, Digital, Franchise Marketing, Media Planning & Buying, Project Management, Social Media, Strategy