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Analytics tools like Google Analytics offer powerful insights into online behaviour. With digital analytics we can see where people are going on your website, how did they get there, what they are clicking on and how much time they are spending engaging with your content.

We can also measure desired actions like newsletter sign-ups, contact us form submissions and e-commerce sales. More importantly, we can pin point where people are dropping off the site, whether on a certain page or step in the sales funnel.

While you may not need a computer science degree to use an analytics tool, it can be intimidating and time consuming to learn how to use the tools and set-up proper tracking.  It can also be hard to choose the right KPIs and interpret the data to understand why users are behaving the way that they do.

Our analytics services include the following:

  • User persona development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Goal and success metrics (KPIs)  planning
  • Conversion tracking and goal set-up
  • A/B testing
  • Regular client reports
  • Data analysis and recommendations
  • Campaign and website conversion optimization

Once the website data analytics are collected,  we can help decipher the true story of what is happening on your website and make recommendations to improve the user experience and optimize paths to conversions. We can also identify which advertising channels are generating the most qualified website traffic and lead generations, to help you maximize your digital marketing budget.

Sharole Lawrence

Senior Marketing Consultant

Sharole Lawrence is a Calgary-based digital marketing consultant with Glow Marketing who is certified in Google Analytics and has a certificate in Digital Analytics from UBC. Sharole offers analytics consulting to small to medium businesses.

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